Can I offer other products besides the current Char-Grill menu items?

No. Char-Grill is currently researching expanded/ complimentary products to offer in their franchise units. Other products are specifically forbidden to be offered in your Char-Grill without prior written consent of the Franchisor.

Can I sell my Char-Grill?

Yes. Your business is an asset that can be sold to an approved buyer which must be approved in writing from the franchisor. Char-Grill reserves the right of first refusal on all franchise sales and any buyer must meet all franchise criteria prior to purchasing an existing location.

Do I have to buy my equipment and supplies from Char-Grill?

No. Char-Grill will give you a list of all required equipment and supplies. They will also direct you to providers of these items. You are welcome to comparative shop these items and purchase them from whomever you want.

Does Char-Grill determine what prices I charge for my products?

We will offer advice and guidance on suggested pricing for your Char-Grill franchise taking into account the amount of rent, debt and other expense factors you will be facing. We will also consider the demographic region that your franchise is located within. Ultimately you get to determine the price(s) that you will charge for your products.

Does Char-Grill offer financing to qualified franchise candidates?

No. Char-Grill does not offer financing to any candidates. However, we will assist you in the development of your business plan and may refer you to lenders that are familiar with our concept.

Does Char-Grill procure the lease for my location or am I responsible?

Char-Grill does not sign or guaranty any leases(s). You will be responsible for the terms & conditions of the lease for your Char-Grill location. Char-Grill will assist you in negotiating your lease and helping you obtain the most favorable terms and conditions.

How much are the royalties that I have to pay with Char-Grill?

The corporate royalty percentage is 5 1/2%, 1 1/2% Corporate Ad Fund, for a total of 7%, ACH drafted weekly from the franchisee’s checking account. As a franchisee, you are required to spend additionally a minimum of 1 1/2% of your gross monthly sales on local store advertising.*
* Please review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for further details.

How much does it cost to develop a Char-Grill?

The cost to develop a Char-Grill is between $300,000 – $575,000. The cost varies depending on space size, material costs in given markets and the expression of the Brand that is built (i.e. In-Line space, Food Court, Inside Seating, etc.)

How much is the Franchise Fee for a Char-Grill?

The Franchise Fee is $30,000. The fee is considered earned when paid. A franchisee can receive up to 50% of the fee, refunded, if an acceptable location is not found.

How much money can I make owning a Char-Grill?

Because we are a franchise and are governed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) we are not allowed to make any types of earnings claims. The FDD document contains financial performance information from several corporately operated units for your review. Also, once you receive the disclosure you will find a list of all current Char-Grill owners’ names and phone numbers. A current owner can discuss their profitability, expense margins and operations of your particular franchise unit.

What is the term of my Char-Grill Franchise Agreement?

Your Char-Grill franchise agreement is for ten (10) years with two (2) five (5) year renewal options.

What type of advertising does Char-Grill have available?

Building name recognition for your Char-Grill location is crucial. We will use the 1 1/2% Corporate Ad Fund royalty that each franchisee contributes to develop advertising materials and campaigns that each franchisee can utilize. Each franchisee will be responsible for local marketing of their franchise location utilizing materials and campaigns designed by the Franchisor.

What type of training do I receive from Char-Grill?

Char-Grill’s training program is a nine (9) week training program, which two people must complete for each franchise unit developed. The training takes place in a corporately approved training store in the Raleigh area, and is facilitated by the Corporate Training Manager, JJ Roberson, a 21-year Char-Grill veteran.

Will I receive protected territory for my Char-Grill?

Each franchise location is given a protected area, in which no additional franchises can be developed (some exceptions apply, please see Franchise Disclosure Documents for full detail).

We hope this information will assist you in making an informed decision. We understand that investing in a franchise is a big step. There are probably additional questions that you have regarding our system and procedures. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 919-538-1666.

Thank you for your interest and consideration of Char-Grill!