Franchise Opportunities

Char-Grill Franchise Systems, LLC is offering the opportunity for qualified franchise candidates to participate in a ground floor opportunity with tremendous potential. The combination of rich tradition & history, award winning food, and simplicity in operation is a rare opportunity in the franchise restaurant industry today. This opportunity, coupled with a team of franchise restaurant professionals with a “Franchisee First” mind set, and a system of support and assistance, is unparalleled.

Why Hamburgers?

Hamburgers represent a “tried and true” commodity in the American restaurant community, and especially in the franchised restaurant industry. Everyone knows the success story of McDonald’s Hamburgers, the largest franchise restaurant concept in the world. But it is significant to understand just how entrenched the product is in American Society. Of the Top 100 Franchise Restaurant concepts in the world today, there are eleven (11) whose core product offering is the Hamburger. What is even more significant is, that, the Top 100 Franchise Restaurant concepts represent gross annual sales revenue of $180 billion dollars a year. Of that $180 billion dollars, more than $50 billion is generated by concepts whose core product offering is the Hamburger.

The Char-Grill Experience

Char-Grill has differentiated itself from other Hamburger concepts by providing a product and system of operation that separates it from its peers. The Hamburger Steak that Char-Grill serves has a taste and texture that is beyond compare, cooked on an open charcoal flame that provides a taste experience that harkens back to the days of grilling in your backyard.

Char-Grill also provides a unique restaurant setup and customer ordering system that is unparalleled, which provides franchise partners operational ease in staffing and manufacturing of the products: customers fill out their own orders!

Char-Grill provides a completely glassed in, enclosed “display kitchen” where customers can watch as Hamburger Steaks flame on the grill. Once they complete their order ticket, they slide their order into a ticket slot in the glass. They take their seat and await their order number, or name, to be called. The only interaction and communication with the customer is when they pick up their order. This complete separation between the customer and staff provides operational ease for our franchisees, allowing them to focus on order manufacturing and crew speed. This allows franchisees to hire from a broad labor pool, since language is no barrier to understanding the manufacturing and order processing.

Customers are allowed to complete their order ticket and then relax while awaiting the preparation of their food. Our interiors include rich and warm colored tile and impressive graphics, which capture the history and tell the story of how the Char-Grill brand has evolved. Flat screen televisions show “1960’s era” vintage black & white television shows, which accents the era in which Char-Grill was founded. Background music from the 50’s and 60’s complete the customer experience and remind them of the “Simpler Times, Simpler Choices” era in which Char-Grill was born.

The Char-Grill Franchise Opportunity

Char-Grill Franchise Systems, LLC is seeking qualified candidates for single and multi-unit franchise development. The criteria for franchise development are outlined below. A franchise can only be offered through a prospectus, which requires us to provide you with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Upon completion and submission of your Franchise Application, a sales representative from Char-Grill will review your qualifications to insure that you meet the minimum financial criteria. Then, we will mail you our FDD to review.